Drone Pilot Pricing

Drone Pilot platform consists of multiple parts. One side is for the pilots and the management dashboard is for ANSPs & controlling instances.
Mobile app
View limited airspace map
View zone information
See live flights
Move flight pin around the map
Get Free
Mobile app PRO
Per Month
Billed each month
View whole airspace map
Flight history
See live flights
Future features
Management dashboard
Manage airspace
Direct pilot communication
E-registration for pilots
Many more features
White-label app/dashboard
Custom design
All base features
Custom requests

Drone Pilot mobile includes

Sync across all devices

If you sign up with us then all your flight history and other data is synched so you don't have to worry about losing data. Also our airspace map is synched with our servers.

All things in one place

In the future we're planning to add other countries to the app which will enable you to have this one app and be able to know if you can take off, no matter where you are.

Secured protocol

Your data is safe with us since we take great care of keeping them that way.

Track your flights

When you take off in our app the flights are stored in the applications flight history section so you can view details about them later.

Questions and answers

Why is this necessary?
No matter if you’re a professional or just a hobbyist - there are rules, set by the Cabinet of Ministers to control and ensure you’re flying your drone safely in Latvia and without compromising airspace security. And this app makes it easier for everyone to obey the rules.
Who created Drone Pilot?
It was founded by Kristers Jurševskis who has worked on tech startups and ideas for over 8 years since very early ages. He was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 Latvia list at the age of 15. Won the Apple WWDC 16' scholarship and worked on projects in Latvia, Russia and Silicon Valley.
How to download Drone Pilot?
Go to the App Store and search for Drone Pilot or click the links on this page that say "Download".
What platforms do you support?
We're launching the iOS application now but we are already working on the Android version.
What is the No Drone Zone?
It is a zone created based on the MK rules no.737 about operating UAVs.
How do I start using the app?
Just download, sign up in seconds and you're good to go. The on-boarding tutorial and tips will make sure you understand what's going on.

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